CLEAR ROCK RANCH     2019 TXA Design Award Winner      2017 AIA Austin Design Award Winner      Clear Rock Lookout is a raw steel hunting blind, writing studio, and observation deck that celebrates the stunning landscape and wildlife views. The 450sf building is nestled below a limestone cliff edge, and has to be “discovered” when approached from the top of the mesa. This gradual reveal of the building strengthens the unfolding landscape panorama made possible from the unique vantage provided by the structure.  The site was specifically chosen for its views by the owner after years of slowly traversing and mapping the wooded cliff edge. The modern form contrasts with the Hill Country vernacular used on the rest of the 1,000 acre West Texas ranch. Naturally weathering steel was chosen to age with the surroundings and to pay homage to the owner’s youth spent welding oil tanks.  Large sheets of glass, a variety of warm woods, and a highly detailed assembly complete the “jewelbox in the landscape” expression of the lookout.   Contractor:  Ron Reue Construction   Steel Fabrication :  Longhorn Welding    Structural Engineers :  Arch Consulting Engineers    Photo Credits :  Casey Dunn    Publications:   Texas Made/Texas Modern ,  Dezeen  ,  ArchDaily ,  Dwell  ,  Uncrate ,  Texas Architect Magazine ,  Austin Home Magazine
   PAZ VETERINARY    Size: 5,250sf  The Paz Veterinary Clinic building was conceived as a simple series of high impact, low-cost strategies to create an open, flexible and transparent place for healing. The shell of the building draws inspiration from a simple farm shed vernacular. A pre-engineered metal building was selected for its long span capabilities and low cost. High tech continuous insulation panels clad the outside, again making a nod to the simple metal cladding of agricultural buildings. Large horizontal strip windows punch the simple shed shell filling the inside with natural light while seamlessly integrating with the horizontal Z-girt construction system of the metal building. Massive sculptural skylights allow light to penetrate deep into the interior of the building. Transparency and openness were paramount for the owner. To achieve this, the interior utilizes low partition walls, open walkways, minimal doors, and an open mezzanine to create an open, fluid and flexible space which opens up the technical aspects of the clinic to the pet owners.   Contractor :  DKC construction    Structural Engineer : StruktureOne Group   MEP Engineering :  AYS Engineering    Landscape :  Sprout    Millwork :  Nick Schnitzer  and  K&J    Photo Credits :  Casey Dunn  &  The Range
  SPRINGDALE POOL PAVILION   Location: Austin  Size: 2,250 sf  The Springdale Park Pavillion is a bathhouse, pump room, outdoor kitchen and sculptural shade canopy. The gently sloping plaster walls encloses the pool and canopy on one side adding warmth and texture. The shape of the 2 wood clad shade structures gently play off of each other and hold the matching wood bathhouse beneath. The materials and forms are modern, but inspired by West Texas.   Contractor:  Amenity Solutions   Landscape Architect : Asakura Robinson   Structural Engineer : Fort Structures   MEP Engineer : Aptus Engineering   Photo Credits :  Leonid Furmansky
  CARL'S WAY RESIDENCE   The Carl's Way Residence is an undulating, zero energy home nestled into a gently sloping grassy site on Martha’s Vineyard. The house consists of 3 separate living structures and a detached garage. The volumes are attached by a large deck and dynamically sloping standing seam metal roofs.  The house is super insulated, with a full 3” wrapper of rigid insulation around all walls, roofs and foundations. All the insulation allows the house to use a much more efficient heating and cooling system.  The windows are high performance triple pane European units to make sure the entire envelope performs as well as the highly insulated walls. Lighting is primarily LED to conserve energy. The HVAC system is made up entirely of highly efficient Mitsubishi Mini Split heat pumps to serve both heating and cooling. The project is all electric. To balance this high electric demand, enough high efficiency solar panels are installed out of sight on the garage to completely supply all the power needs of the home.  Ryan was the project manager and design lead for the Carl's Way Residence while working at  Maryann Thompson Architects  in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   Photo Credits : Stephanie Lemmo & Jeremy Bitterman