Paz Veterinary

The Trade Restaurant design scheme makes use of warm natural materials in a modern language against the background of the carefully preserved historic structure. The original steel riveted columns were painted white with intumescent paint; brick ceilings and windows whitewashed, to brighten and freshen up the space and seal it from dust, but yet allow its old character to show through. Concrete floors are polished and stained in a dark amber color to provide a warm and reflective ground surface over which ephemeral and delicate white “clouds” fold like origami floating over the space, creating moments of intimacy around the bar and dining room, and smartly providing space for concealed sound insulation material and mechanical infrastructure, that liberated the beautiful vaulted brick ceilings to be exposed. Stained solid oak boards cover the new walls holding wine and coat storage, as well as display shelves, forming a thickened threshold that separates the main space from the kitchen and back-of-house. The continuous wood ribbon that folds behind the bar provides a warm and elegant backdrop to the restaurant that draws your eye through the space, offering moments of reveal and spatial continuity. The Calacatta Gold marble at the bar and service stations unified the main dining space and the bar with the fresh and warm colors of the natural stone. The custom mirror installation at the back bar makes a fragmented pattern that dissolves the views of the crowd, and reflects and amplifies the field of clear pendants that make light a protagonist of the space. 

Photo Credits: The Range

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